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Digital Skills Assessment

The Digital Skills Assessment measures learners' digital literacy, which refers to the ability to find, evaluate, use, create and communicate information using digital technologies. It encompasses a wide range of skills and competencies, including basic computer and internet use, online safety and security, digital content creation, and critical thinking about digital media. Mastering basic digital skills gives job seekers an advantage in the employment process and opens up many new career opportunities. Employers who hire employees with these skills experience increased efficiency, innovation, and more effective communication.

Validate the technological skills most needed in the workplace.

The Digital Skills Assessment measures learners' technological skills in five main subject areas: Computer Operations, Internet Browsing, Digital Communication, Digital Documents, and Digital Security. Successfully passing the assessment results in the National Work Readiness Credential - Digital Skills. Earning the Digital Skills Credential allows learners to show future employers that they have the skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace.

What skills does the assessment measure?

Computer Operations: Ability to identify different types of devices, parts of a computer, software applications, and operate computers in a professional setting.

Internet Browsing: Ability to connect to the Internet, navigate the World Wide Web, and identify and use different browsers.   

Digital Communications: Ability to identify and use digital communication tools such as email, video conferencing, instant messaging, and social media in a professional setting.

Digital DocumentsAbility to use and create common workplace digital documents, such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, online forms, and shared documents.

Digital SecurityUnderstand the purpose of security policies and procedures, password security, privacy settings, security software, and VPNs, and their importance in the workplace.
Sample of a National Work Readiness Credential - Digital Skills

Why were these skills selected?

The five core skill sets measured by the Digital Skills Assessment were derived from research into different states’ standards for digital literacy and the most prevalent technology skills and tools as defined by the US Department of Labor’s O*NET occupations database. Employers and workforce stakeholders were consulted for feedback on the most current needs in the field for technology skills improvement.

Did you know... 

WIN Learning also provides online self-paced courseware to help learners and job seekers prepare for the Digital Skills Assessment. Digital Skills Courseware aligns to the Digital Skills Assessment, making it a great resource for preparation or remediation.   

Contact WIN Learning today and ask about bundling the Digital Skills Courseware with the Digital Skills Assessment to give your learners and job-seekers the right tools for the job.

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