WIN’s integrated approach to career readiness has given more than 10 million learners worldwide the tools, confidence, and skills necessary to excel. Our e-learning solutions include career exploration tools, academic and employability skills courseware, and Ready to Work and Essential Soft Skills credentials as important foundational elements for creating a more effective and efficient system to prepare learners and job seekers for career and life success. 

New and Improved Career Readiness System Dashboard

Means More Real Time Data

Administrators and facilitators can now view immediate learner progress with our enhanced Career Readiness System dashboard. The complete redesign also includes enhanced functionality all at the administrative view including at-a-glance summary data on eBadges, certificates and credentials earned along with total time spent in the courseware and so much more. Administrators can select a time stamp or period to manage and monitor progress for all courseware and credentials. Further, the system allows for easy roll-over, drill down views and printable access to selected reports—all from a single streamlined Career Readiness System dashboard.

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WIN Career Readiness System   

The personalized, WIN Career Readiness System is based on the EDUCONOMY MODEL—an intersection between education and the economy where supply, demand, and career pathways are the drivers for education and training, people and talent, occupations and jobs, and business and industry. 

Within the WIN Career Readiness System, employability, foundational, and social skills are learned within the context of careers. This real-world focus helps define the personalized selection of coursework and credentials that lets employers know that learners have the skills to succeed in the workforce and further their training and education. 

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