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WIN Learning's adult education model is designed to help individuals strengthen their foundational academic and employability skills, earn their National Work Readiness Credential, and transition to further education and training, such as career and technical education or post-secondary education programs.

Whether it’s college, trade school, military, or the workplace, WIN provides learners with the tools to prepare them for the road ahead. As learners prepare for the Academic Skills, Soft Skills, or Digital Skills assessments, WIN's corresponding courseware offerings are ideal for measuring the level of readiness in the core communication, reasoning, and problem-solving skills required for 21st century opportunities from entry level to professional. 

In the United States, 3.2 million jobs remain unfilled because of a lack of skilled workers. Forty percent of businesses have positions open for six months or longer because they can’t find suitable applicants. To be competitive in the global market, America must have a skilled, well-educated workforce. Yet, too often, students graduate from high school or college without the basic foundational skills to succeed in the workplace.

 Linking Education to the Economic Demand 

Personalized Career Readiness is based on the WIN Educonomy Model—an intersection between education and the economy where supply, demand, and career pathways are the new drivers for education and training, people and talent, occupations and jobs, and business and industry.     

In the Educonomy model, employability, foundational, and social skills are learned within the context of careers. This real-world focus helps define the personalized selection of coursework and other experiences in high school that lead to desired careers—either directly after graduation or following further training and education. All of WIN’s products and services are linked in a seamless system across the education and learning continuum—from job analysis and skill assessment, to direct instruction and certification of mastery.     

If we do not increase the number of Americans with necessary skills, jobs will increasingly migrate abroad, creating even bigger challenges for our long-term competitiveness and economic growth. We must all work to prepare students for 21st Century opportunities after high school. 

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Adult Education

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