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WIN Corrections Solution

With limited work experience and the struggle to find employment once released, how can we solve the reentry challenge and ensure that incarcerated individuals and those under community supervision successfully rejoin society? WIN Learning offers a career readiness solution that  prepares learners and job seekers with foundational academic skills and essential employability skills to promote reentry into the workforce and a continued path to career success.

New program gives Chesterfield Co. inmates a jump start back to the workforce

Evidence shows that providing incarcerated individuals with education and training increases their employment opportunities, addresses their learning needs, and helps reduce their likelihood of reincarceration.

The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education supports the development of a correctional education reentry model that provides an education continuum to bridge the gap between prison and community-based education and training programs.


Among the many challenges facing someone in a corrections environment is the lack of education and workforce skills needed to succeed in the labor market and the cognitive skills (e.g., the ability to solve problems and reason) needed to address the challenges of reentry.

WIN Learning Career Readiness programs provide a sound curriculum and credentialing approach that supports the goal of a model to ensure that incarcerated individuals can gain the knowledge and skills needed to obtain long-term, living-wage employment, and transition successfully out of the corrections system.

WIN Learning solution for correctional institutions support;

  • Cognitive-based skills instruction in both academic and employability foundational skills 
  • Evidence-based curriculum and instructional practices in applied skills and work habits
  • Access to knowledge, skills, and occupational interest courseware
  • Ability to earn a portable credential in academic and essential soft skills
  • Engagement of individuals in creating an education and career plan   
  • Flexibility in program entry, scheduling and  accommodations    
  • Use of technology to enhance and increase program access   
  • Centralized Career Readiness System  for recording and collecting data during the intake process

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If you are interested in implementing WIN Learning as a component to your career-ready community, visit our solutions tab or contact us for a demonstration or more information.

Corrections Solutions

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Did you know...

WIN Learning offers Soft Skills Courseware and Academic Skills Courseware as a LAN installation that allows learners to access workforce education resources without an internet connection.