Digital Literacy Basics

Digital Literacy Basics is a self-paced course designed to provide participants with the skills needed to navigate technology in the workplace. It is comprised of five modules: Computer Basics, Internet Basics, Digital Communication Basics, Digital Documents Basics, and Digital Security Basics. Each module is made up of a course component and a posttest. Each course has instructional content, a knowledge-check quiz, and a hands-on practice exercise that allows the participant to apply the skills to real life, practical situations.

Technology in the Workplace

Digital Literacy Basics develops the technological skills needed for success in the modern workplace. Technology plays a significant role in nearly every industry and its use in the workplace continues to increase every year. In order to succeed in their careers, job seekers and employees must have an understanding of the purpose and capabilities of these rapidly changing digital tools and demonstrate an ability to use technology to get the job done. 

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The Digital Literacy Certificate of Completion lets employers know the participant or job seeker can identify and understands the following:

Digital Communication BasicsDigital Documents BasicsSecurity
 Device TypesWhat is the Internet?
Methods of Digital Communication Word Processing Security Policies and Procedures 
 Parts of a Computer Connecting to the InternetEmail Basics Spreadsheets  Passwords
 Operating SystemsWorld Wide Web Video Conference Basics Slide Presentations Spam and Phishing 
 Common Software ApplicationsBrowser Basics Instant Message and Text BasicsDocument Sharing and Collaboration Privacy Settings 
 Basic Computer Operations Searching the World Wide Web
 Social Media BasicsCompleting Online Documents and Forms Security Software and VPNs 
Digital Footprint
 Professional Use of DevicesProfessional Use of the Internet  Professional Use of Digital Communication ToolsProfessional Use of Digital Documentation Tools  Professional Use of Security Tools
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Digital Literacy Basics is a great complement to the Ready to Work Courseware, Essential Soft Skills Courseware, and Supplemental Skills Courseware. Contact WIN Learning today and ask about bundling the courses to give participants the right tools for success.