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WIN Learning is an approved provider of distance learning 
curriculum for Texas Adult Education and Literacy

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WIN Career Readiness System

WIN Career Readiness System is an award-winning solution that supports participants who are reemerging into the workforce. Learners have the ability to complete self-assessments to learn more about their skills, interests, and abilities, explore and develop a career pathway, build the foundational academic and employable soft skills, and earn validated credentials that are recognize around the nation. The flexibility of the WIN Career Readiness System allows organizations to bundle programs under a single sign-on to customize an approach to serve their participants wherever they are along a career path. Administrators and participants can easily track progress with detailed reporting and celebrate reached goals with printed certificates of completion and credentials.

myStrategic Compass 

myStrategic Compass (mSC) is a personalized career planning and exploration tool based on skill, work experience, and career interest that helps learners identify what is important in a career.

myStrategic Compass

Academic Skills

The Academic Skills Courseware and Assessments build and measure the foundational workplace academic skills in the subject areas of Work Ready Math, Work Ready Data, and Work Ready Reading.

Academic Skills Courseware
Academic Skills Assessments

Soft Skills

The Soft Skills Courseware and Assessment builds and measures workplace attitudinal and behavioral skills employers look for most when making hiring and retention decisions. 

Soft Skills Courseware
Soft Skills Assessment

College Readiness

College Readiness Courseware helps participants prepare for the GED, TABE, Accuplacer, HiSet, and other college entrance level exams in the subject areas of Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Reading, and Writing.

College Readiness Courseware

Credentials employers recognize and value in today's workforce

While professional attitudes and work habits are essential for the 21st century economy, they are often overlooked in educational programs. WIN Learning's Academic Skills and Soft Skills assessments help learners develop and demonstrate the foundational workplace skills and behaviors that are critical to career and life success. The WIN Career Readiness System is a comprehensive approach to preparing emerging and reemerging jobseekers for success while providing future employers with workplace-ready candidates.

Academic Skills Assessments

The Academic Skills Assessments are based on validated career readiness assessments that provide a correlation of the skills a learner demonstrates and the skills needed to prepare for a job according to the U.S. Department of Labor's O*NET Job Zones Framework.

Passing the Academic Skills Assessments results in the National Work Readiness Credential – Academic Skills that learners and job seekers can add to their portfolio to show that they have mastered foundational academic skills and are ready to work. 

There are four credential levels: Achievement Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5. Each Achievement Level correlates to an O*NET Job Zone. The higher the learner or jobseeker scores, the greater his or her readiness for careers in higher-level O*NET Job Zones. 

The credential level is determined by the lowest score across all three assessments. For example, a learner or jobseeker who scores a Level 4 in Work Ready Math, a Level 4 in Work Ready Reading, and a Level 3 in Work Ready Data will earn an Achievement Level 3 credential because the lowest score was Level 3.   

Soft Skills Assessment


The Soft Skills Assessment is composed of questions measuring entry-level work tasks and behaviors, including communicating effectively; conveying professionalism; promoting teamwork and collaboration; and thinking critically and solving problems. The assessment items require the learner to choose two answers for each question, the “best” and “worst” answers for handling each situation.

The online assessment requires use of a lock-down browser and has a time limit of 60 minutes. To earn the credential, the participant must achieve a scale score of 203 or greater. The back of the credential details the skills mastered by the participant which makes adding the credential on their resume and in their portfolio for employers to quickly recognize the skills needed most from today's workforce.

Validated credentials based on the competencies employers value most when making hiring and retention decisions.


Sample National Work Readiness Credential - Academic Skills
Back page of National Work Readiness Credential - Academic Skills
Sample National Work Readiness Credential - Soft Skills
Back page of National Work Readiness Credential - Soft Skills

Additional Career Readiness Resources:

Academic Skills Courseware

Academic Skills Courseware provides participants with an initial placement to identify current skill levels in each of the modules, and to identify further training and education along their career path. The participant will enter a module at a level appropriate for their skills and then progress at their own pace based on their performance on the placement test. The Academic Skills Courseware provides participants with a personalized profile of how prepared they are for the Academic Skills Assessment. 

Soft Skills Courseware

Soft Skills Courseware helps participants develop and demonstrate attitudinal and behavioral skills that are essential to success in the workplace and school. These competencies are a key component of WIN’s comprehensive approach to preparing learners and jobseekers for success and providing future employers with workplace-ready candidates. The Soft Skills Courseware contains over 60 hours of offline materials to provide a blended approach to reinforce the skills online.

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