The consequences of unemployment and underemployment can be long lasting and include reduced wages, decreased productivity and shortened career opportunities. Nearly 6.7 million young adults are out of school and out of work. The July 2015 young adult unemployment rate was 12.2 percent, more than double the national average of 5.3 percent. We must look to develop a skilled workforce that has both the hard and soft skills that are necessary to succeed in today's global economy.

Closing the soft skills gap for today's economy

Employers benefit from having employees earn a WIN Essential Soft Skills Credential in important ways, such as in reducing turnover, improving productivity, and maximizing on-the-job training. With the Essential Soft Skills Credential, employees are more likely to work in teams to achieve mutual goals and objectives, demonstrate willingness to work, show initiative, and display responsible behaviors at work, including avoiding absenteeism and demonstrating promptness.

What skills are measured by the Essential Soft Skills Assessment? 

WIN Essential Soft Skills assessment is composed of questions measuring entry-level work tasks and behaviors, including cooperate with others, resolve conflict and negotiate, solve problems and make decisions, observe critically, and take responsibility for learning. The assessment items require the learner to choose two answers for each question, the “best” and “worst” answers for handling each situation.

The online assessment requires use of a lock-down browser and has a time limit of 60 minutes. Success on this assessment, scoring 70% or higher, earns the learner the WIN Essential Soft Skills™ credential. This certificate is adaptable to meet the needs of the client, including the title of the credential, inclusion of authority signature, such as the governor, detail of skills the credential validates, etc.


The WIN Essential Soft Skills Credential was developed based on the national Equipped for the Future (EFF) (website: applied learning standards and the U.S. Department of Labor’s work on SCANS and O*NET. Managers, workers, and supervisors from across industries identified the skills from the EFF Standards as critical for entry-level workers to succeed in today’s workplace and global economy. The skills assessed in the WIN Learning credentials include: active listening, read with understanding, use mathematics to solve problems, solve problems and make decisions, cooperate with others, resolve conflict and negotiate, observe critically, and take responsibility for learning.

Did you know... 

WIN Learning also provides online self-paced courseware to help learners and job seekers prepare for the Essential Soft Skills Credential. The Soft Skills Courseware aligns to the Essential Soft Skills assessment, making it a great resource for preparation or remediation. 

Contact WIN Learning today and ask about bundling the Essential Soft Skills Credential and the Soft Skills Courseware to give your learners and job seekers the right tools for the job.

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