• WIN Learning Digital Badges and Credentials

    WIN Learning offers verifiable digital badges and credentials that allow learners to share their achievements online with their professional network and future employers.
  • South Carolina Partners with WIN Learning to Advance Work Readiness of High School Students

    In collaboration with the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE), WIN will lead delivery of research-based assessments measuring the foundational employability skills and soft skills each year of all eleventh grade students.

  • Digital Skills Courseware

    Digital Skills Courseware is a self-paced course designed to provide learners with the skills needed to navigate technology in the workplace. 
  • WIN Learning is on a mission to help all learners achieve.

    Career Readiness support because tomorrow's leaders are here today.

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Digital Skills Courseware

Digital Skills Courseware is a self-paced course designed to provide participants with the skills needed to navigate technology in the workplace. It is comprised of five modules: Computer Operations, Internet Browsing, Digital Communication, Digital Documents, and Digital Security. 

Soft Skills Assessment

Soft Skills Assessment

The Soft Skills Assessment measures work habit skills such as communicating effectively; conveying professionalism; promoting teamwork and collaboration; and thinking critically and solving problems.

Academic Skills Courseware

Academic Skills Courseware

Whether it’s college, trade school, military, or the workplace, Academic Skills Courseware is ideal for measuring the level of readiness in foundational academic skills.

Soft Skills Courseware

Soft Skills Courseware

Soft Skills Courseware helps learners develop and demonstrate attitudinal and behavioral skills that are essential to success in the workplace and school.

Constructing Career-Ready Communities

Learn about the six core strategies and recommendations for creating effective career pathways
from the convening of Global Pathways Institute and the Education Commission of the States — Hosted by WIN Learning.

Arizona Office of Employment Opportunity - Career Ready Community

Arizona Career Readiness

The Arizona Career Readiness Credential equips Arizonans with the skills that employers need. Arizona Office of Employment Opportunity and ARIZONA@WORK is removing the barriers keeping Arizonans unemployed by creating a realistic upward path to quality employment.

Preview the introduction video to learn how Arizona is laying the foundation for constructing Career Ready Communities for ALL.

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Career Readiness Toolkit

Career Readiness Toolkit

Download the free

 WIN Career Readiness for All Toolkit

 that helps learners plan for the road ahead. 

State Partnerships

State Partnerships

Learn how WIN is leading the path in supporting statewide career readiness initiatives with hard skills and soft skills credentials.

Texas Adult Education Partnerships

Texas Adult Education Partnership

WIN Learning is an approved provider of distance learning curriculum for Texas Adult Education and Literacy.

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Get the latest updates on WIN Learning's products and partnerships. 

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Since 1996, WIN’s integrated approach to career readiness has given more than 10 million learners worldwide the tools, confidence, and skills necessary to excel. Our e-learning solutions include academic and employability skills courseware, assessments, and credentials as an important foundation for creating a more effective and efficient system to prepare learners and job seekers for career and life success.