Career Readiness For All Toolkit

WIN is pleased to share this engaging class or group activity that provides a guided script for educators to share important aspects for preparing students for their potential future. Complete the form to download your free Career Readiness for All Toolkit. Enjoy!

The toolkit includes instructor resources and a student activity guide that walks students through the career interest process, the importance of soft skills as well as their academic skills, and insights into planning for the road ahead. Download the zip file to access and print/copy the student activity guide.

Instructor PowerPoint Presentation

Instructors have a presentation deck that walks through the major topics and engages students or class through the hands-on activities.

Presenter Notes

Instructors can access the presenter notes below each slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

Student Guide / Handout

A Student Guide (PDF) can be printed for each student on standard copy paper to guide students through each of the topics and activities.