Career Readiness for All
WIN BIG Toolkit

We believe that helping learners with multiple pathways to post secondary success and a career path with strong foundational skills is the best way to help them discover and develop their full potential. That's why we are excited to do our part in helping communicate the importance of a career ready learner with this no cost resource for you and your students!

WIN is pleased to share this engaging class or group activity that provides a guided script for educators to share important aspects for preparing students for their potential future. Complete the form to download your free Career Readiness for All Toolkit. The toolkit includes a student activity guide that allows them to consider career interests, the importance of soft skills as well as their academic skills, and insights into planning for the road ahead.

Key topics include:

  • Why Career Readiness?
  • Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills
  • In The Know – My Interest Profile
  • Career Clusters & Occupations
  • Reality Check
  • Setting Goals & Planning Ahead

Access your WIN BIG – Career Readiness for All toolkit that is available to you and your students. 

Download the school resource to share with your educators and counselors.

WIN offers innovative education and training programs for middle school and high school learners that prepare them for college, work, and life. From career exploration and planning to developing academic foundational skills and preparing for workplace essential skills, WIN courseware and credentials can support your career readiness efforts.

We believe ALL learners and job seekers deserve a positive future and a pathway for success. Whether it’s college, trade school, military, or the workplace, WIN provides learners with the tools to be career ready and successfully transition to a career pathway. 

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