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WIN Learning Announces Release of New Digital Literacy Credential

Kingston, Tennessee – 5/5/2022 – WIN Learning recently announced a new Digital Literacy Assessment and Credential solution to complement its Digital Literacy Courseware, providing yet another unique, stackable credential for learners and jobseekers to add to their portfolio and bolster their career opportunities. 

Aligned with Digital Literacy Courseware, the Digital Literacy Assessment is based on the five foundational technology skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace: computer operations, internet browsing, digital communication, digital documents, and digital security. Upon earning the Digital Literacy Credential, learners and jobseekers can certify to employers that they have the skills and knowledge to perform basic yet necessary computing tasks, such as installing software applications, troubleshooting an internet connection, using email and social media with appropriate “netiquette,” filling out a web form, identifying spam or phishing attempts, and collaborating on shared files like spreadsheets, documents, and presentations.

“We are passionate about providing jobseekers with the tools they need to succeed in the workplace and beyond,” said WIN Learning’s Vice President of Product Development and Support, Suzanne Bazarian. “The Digital Literacy Credential offers jobseekers a means to demonstrate mastery of essential technology skills, which gives them a distinct advantage in a competitive job market.”

The five core skill sets and objectives, upon which the Digital Literacy Courseware, Assessment and Credential were designed, were derived from extensive research into different states’ standards for digital literacy and the most prevalent technology skills and tools as defined by the US Department of Labor’s O*NET occupations database. WIN also consulted employer and workforce stakeholders for feedback on the most current needs in the field for technology skills improvement, such as the importance of video conferencing since more people are working virtually than ever before.

“The Digital Literacy Assessment establishes a helpful benchmark for all kinds of jobseekers,” added Jessica Chasteen, WIN Learning’s Customer Support Manager. “Even young people who are familiar with device types and internet browsing might need to brush up on their digital communication skills or better understand what their digital footprint looks like. This credential equips learners with a measure of their baseline technology savvy so that they can grow and improve their skills as the workplace continues to evolve alongside tech.”

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