WIN Math is a career-based, middle and high school mathematics capstone solution aligned to state and local standards. With personalized instruction through a project-based framework, learners apply concepts tied to real-life scenarios in the context of relevant career opportunities. WIN Math is an on-grade level and intervention math solution with Capstone Projects linked to 16 Career Clusters. 

Real World Math Connected to the 16 Career Clusters

WIN Math focuses on thinking critically through capstone projects and teaches more than just math problems. Each Capstone Project introduces a specific occupation and provides role-playing and practice of relevant math skills in the context of the occupation. WIN Math provides rigorous mathematics instruction in the context of both careers and real world problems, helping students to not only understand the WHY, but to create deep, meaningful, long-lasting connections with math.

WIN Math Courseware Structure   

Teacher guides provide detailed lesson plans, the standards covered in each Capstone, and printable materials needed for students to complete the Capstone Mission (off-line group work). The group activity provides an important opportunity for collaboration while reinforcing math skills needed to complete the online Final Report. Capstone Projects highlight an occupation, discuss the student’s mission, and prepare students for submitting a final report online. 

Teachers can also request, through the WIN Math courseware, to have a professional (industry expert) in a specific occupation hold a virtual meeting with students to explain what they do and how their occupation relates to the math the students are learning. Industry professionals can provide feedback on the learners' work related to a Capstone or provide a demonstration of how they use the same math in their work. There is no limit to how many virtual sessions can be set-up. Thousands of archived sessions linked to industry occupations are available in an online catalog.

View Sample WIN Math Mission.

  • Curriculum for grades 5 – 8 aligned to state standards.
  • 21 Capstones in total and all are available to teachers to make differentiation easy.
  • Capstone Projects highlight a variety of occupations and career clusters within every domain.
  • Pre-test, mid-tests, and post-test are available.

Your Mission

Do you like to solve problems and figure out how things work? Do you like to think about how you could make something cost less, work better, or be safer? If you like the idea of designing some sort of machine, having it made, and then testing it to see how it performs, mechanical engineering may be a good occupation for you.

Mechanical engineers design all sorts of contraptions that move, perform tasks, and help make the world a better place. They help create everything from tiny parts (like a nozzle on your printer) to complex machines (like robots, cars, and the equipment in factories). Mechanical engineers often design something new in an effort to solve a problem or make something more useful.

In this project, you will work in a group to redesign a bicycle. You will choose a design goal, such as making a faster bike, a bike that is better for tricks, or a bike that is more comfortable to ride. The first bicycle was invented in 1817, and believe it or not, it didn’t even have pedals. Thanks to the efforts of mechanical engineers, bicycles have changed a lot since then. Let’s see what your team can do to take a generic bike and make it into something special! 

Rigor and Relevance
With WIN Math, students are engaged in real-world math problems connected to in-demand career and job occupations. Below is a list of some of the capstone projects in WIN Math:
  • Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Building a ‘Green’ Blueprint
  • Plotting Python Movement
  • Designing Product Packaging
  • Creating a Property Valuation Plan
  • Identifying Advertising Plans with Social Media
  • Determine a Budget for Federal Children’s Vaccine Program