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My Work Ready

My Work Ready is an online career planning and exploration tool that helps job seekers evaluate their skills and identify potential careers.

Skills evaluation and training to guide job seekers toward a career

My Work Ready offers a step by step, self-directed career planning process for job seekers entering or re-entering the workforce. This virtual tool takes into account the job seeker's academic and interpersonal skills, work history, and educational background, as well as their interests and values, to generate a list of possible careers for the job seeker to explore.

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How does it work?

My Work Ready begins with a survey asking users to provide their location, education history, and their last three jobs. The tool uses this information later on in the process when formulating the user's career plan to suggest relevant jobs in their region that match their education and work experience.

Once they complete the initial survey, users take an assessment that evaluates their soft skills in four main subject areas: communicating effectively, conveying professionalism, promoting teamwork and collaboration, and thinking critically and solving problems.

The Soft Skills assessment is followed by a series of self-surveys to help users identify their skills, interests, and work values. Completing this step unlocks the Career Plan, which will continue to update with recommended careers as the user progresses through the next steps.  

Careers Section showing a list of careers based on user's activity results
Flowchart showing steps 1-4 in My Work Ready and the additional optional activities

The culminating result of the user's activity in My Work Ready is a personalized Career Plan which includes a curated list of recommended occupations that continually updates when users complete activities. These occupation recommendations  are based on the user's education and work experience, and their interests and skill levels identified by the assessments and self-surveys. My Work Ready is powered by a proprietary WIN algorithm that is aligned with the U.S. Department of Labor O*NET Job Zones to ensure that occupation data is accurate and up to date.

My Work Ready mobile view

Technical features include:

  • Full accessibility via mobile, tablet, or desktop devices
  • Real time tracking of end user progress and administrative reporting tools including user time-on-task, next steps, and Career Plan status
  • Ability to capture and store imported end user data
  • 24/7 online access
  • End user technical assistance via toll-free number and email (M-F / 8 AM – 5 PM ET)