WIN Learning Career Readiness System Release Updates: May 2019

Product enhancements were released to WIN Career Readiness System on the evening of Thursday, May 30, 2019.

Highlights of Version 2.13.0 release include:

  Soft Skills Courseware Updates

  Reports 2.0 General Summary Report

  Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements

Soft Skills Courseware 

Soft Skills Courseware has been updated to include some new content and a new user experience. In addition, the printable Instructional Units have been added to the Soft Skills Courseware landing page for non-learners to access.


The new Soft Skills Courseware offering can be accessed by selecting this icon on the dashboard:

Non-learners will see Instructional Units, and all modules unlocked for previewing.

Learners will see the four modules each presented with a Pretest, Course, and Posttest button. The learner must complete the pretest for a module in order to unlock the course. The learner must complete the course in order to unlock the posttest. The learner must pass the posttest with at least an 80% to earn the eBadge. Once the learner earns all four eBadges, he/she will earn the Soft Skills Courseware Certificate of Completion.

Learner dashboard:

Learner view of Soft Skills Courseware landing page:

Example course content page:

Example of new content:

Scores will be captured and reported for each module’s pretest, course, and posttest. The course score will reflect the average score of all exercises in the course.

Learner Listing Report Example

Individual Report Example

Some things that are different in the new Soft Skills Courseware


  • Fresh new look and feel
  • Restart or resume prompt added
  • Pretest intro combined with pretest; posttest intro combined with posttest
  • Proctors no longer have to reset pre/post tests
  • Improved audio function (no longer starts automatically)
  • Audio matches content on screen; therefore, no transcripts needed except for videos (Video transcripts coming soon)
  • Audio is text-to-speech computer generated instead of recorded reader
  • Coursework will receive actual score (not percentage complete) on reports
  • Improved menu functionality
  • Added items that align with ESSA formatting
  • Date has been added to the Soft Skills Courseware certificate of completion; however, the page 2 list of objectives was not implemented.

Reports 2.0 General Summary Report

The new General Summary report presents data at the organization level for number of active learners, enrolled learners, credentials earned, certificates earned, assessments completed, eBadges, and session time.

Collapsed View:

The facilitator or administration must choose one or more organizations, then they can optionally choose what organization level they want to see (e.g. by school, by district, by program, by location…), then they can optionally select a date range. If they do not choose an organization level the report will show the highest level. Once all selections are made, click Run Report. Click the Excel symbol in the upper left of the table to export the data to Excel. Use the Expanded View toggle to see more details.

Expanded View:

Some important definitions and business rules associated with the General Summary report:


  • Active learner count = number of learners with activity of a duration >0 sec.
  • Enrolled learner count = number of learners enrolled in the organization.
  • Credentials = number of assessment credentials earned. Includes history. If a learner earns bronze, then retakes and earns silver, then retakes and earns gold, it counts as three credentials. If a learner takes a non-leveled assessment (ESSA) and earn a credential, it counts as one. If I retake it and pass again it still only counts as one.
  • Certificates = number of courseware certificates earned. Includes history. If a learner earns bronze, then retakes and earns silver, then retakes and earns gold, it counts as three certificates. If a learner takes a non-leveled course (SS) and earns a certificate, it counts as one. If learner retakes it and passes again it still only counts as one.
  • Ebadges = number of eBadges earned. In leveled courseware, if the learner earns AM Level 1, then Level 2, then Level 3, the eBadge count is three. In leveled assessments, if the learner earns AM Level 3 then retakes the assessment and earns Level 4, it counts as two eBadges. If the learner stays at Level 3, it only counts as one eBadge. For non-leveled courseware and assessments, passing each module or assessment earns one eBadge.
  • Assessments = number of assessments completed.
  • Session Time = total session time in days, hours, minutes, seconds per organization.


  • Error message when any user changes their username through user profile. This has been fixed. Now when a user changes their username, they will be redirected to the login page to login with their new username.
  • Transferred students showing up at their previous school in Class List has been fixed.
  • Enhancement: Default List and Edit users to Status = Active

For more information or support, contact Support at WIN Learning

To report issues or ask questions about this release, please contact the WIN Learning Help Desk:


Phone:  888-717-9461 Option 3

All internal and external support requests are logged and tracked and get routed to the appropriate parties.

Please remember to include a detailed description of the issue, who it impacts, system/environment info, and reproduction steps and an actual due date. If helpful, please include a screenshot.