WIN Learning Career Readiness System Release Updates: July 23, 2020

Version 3.1.0 of WIN Career Readiness System code was released to production on Tuesday, July 23, 2020. Highlights of the release include:

  • Essential Soft Skills Courseware
  • Miscellaneous
  • Known Issues


Essential Soft Skills

Essential Soft Skills Courseware, the next iteration of WIN’s Soft Skills course offering, is now available. Essential Soft Skills Courseware includes seven brand new objectives based on industry research. Extensive direct instruction, practice, videos, and interactives have been added to enhance the depth and breadth of instruction.

Each module begins with a pretest and ends with a posttest. Each lesson corresponds to a learning objective. Learners must complete the pretest to unlock the lessons. Learners may complete lessons in any order but must complete them all to unlock the posttest. Learners must pass the posttest with at least an 80% to earn an eBadge. Earning all four eBadges will unlock the certificate.


Hovering over the lesson button will reveal the objective covered in that lesson. A checkmark will indicate which lessons have been completed.

The Classroom Instructional Units (offline materials) are in the process of being updated to address the new objectives. The existing materials will continue to be linked until the new ones are available.


For more information about Essential Soft Skills Courseware, or to request that it be turned on for your organization, please contact your Implementation Specialist.


  • Chromebook proctored assessment users: Links on the Chromebook login page will be disabled when loading under the lock down browser.
  • On the non-learner dashboard, the Credentials Earned cumulative stat will only show when a credential generating product offering is turned on, and the Certificates Earned cumulative stat will only show when a certificate generating product is turned on.
  • On the non-learner dashboard, tooltips have been added to product summary stats with information about the data.

  • In the Promote/Set Grade Level module, the Person Type drop down now only displays the person type “Student” since that is the only person type that can be promoted.

  • In UserAdministration, all drop down menus are now multiselect. To select multiple options in a range, hold down the Shift key while selecting the first and last option. To select multiple options not in a range, hold down the Control key on PC / Command key on Mac while selecting each individually.

  • Addressed bug where learners could not expand product tiles on the learner dashboard if using Internet Explorer 11.

Known Issues

In ESSC Conveying Professionalism, the lesson numbers wrap and appear off the buttons after completing all lessons in the module

For more information or support, contact Support at WIN Learning

To report issues or ask questions about this release, please contact the WIN Learning Help Desk:


Phone:  888-717-9461 Option 3

All internal and external support requests are logged and tracked and get routed to the appropriate parties.

Please remember to include a detailed description of the issue, who it impacts, system/environment info, and reproduction steps and an actual due date. If helpful, please include a screenshot.