WIN Learning Career Readiness System Release Updates: February 2020

Version 2.19.0 of WIN Career Readiness System code was released to production on February 27, 2020. Highlights of the release include:

●  List and Edit User Updates

●  Reports 2.0 Updates

●  Miscellaneous


List and Edit Users Updates

Administrators have the ability to list all staff members below them in the hierarchy through List and

Edit Users without having to first select role or organization. The list displays the users’ First Name,

Last Name, Username, Role, and Organization. Administrators have the ability to export this list.

Teachers and administrators have the ability to export their list of learners from List and Edit Users by

clicking Download Results as Excel File.

Reports Updates

In the Credential Summary report, the Not Earned count has been removed from the Grand Total.

In the Credential Summary report, the Grand Total numbers are hyperlinked to the Learner Listing

report so that you can see which learners make up the totals in the Credential Summary report.

The Learner Credential Summary report will only show for clients who have Ready to Work Credential

and/or Essential Soft Skills Credential available. If they only have one of these, only that product will be

represented in the report.

Addressed a bug that wasn’t respecting print permissions settings in the Learner Credential Summary



  • Fixed bug where teachers who had been added, removed, and re-added to a class were not able to run a class report for that class. (DEV-5518)
  • Fixed a bug where custom field date values (e.g. Date of Birth) had month and day values reversed in batch enrollments.
  • Fixed a bug where a proctor with permissions to proctor assessments for learners outside of their organization would add those learners to the assessment assignment grid, log out, come back and the learners previously added were no longer there.
  • Fixed a bug where setting the Reset Date in one class persisted to other classes, rather than defaulting all classes to no date unless specifically set.
  • In Class Management Archive Date and Reset by Date, the date format now validates for MM/DD/YYYY. If a date is input as MM/DD/YY the system will automatically convert it to MM/DD/YYYY.

Known Issues

No known issues.  

For more information or support, contact Support at WIN Learning

To report issues or ask questions about this release, please contact the WIN Learning Help Desk:


Phone:  888-717-9461 Option 3

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Please remember to include a detailed description of the issue, who it impacts, system/environment info, and reproduction steps and an actual due date. If helpful, please include a screenshot.