WIN Learning Career Readiness System Release Updates: April 2021

Version 3.6.0      Released 04/29/2021


Version 3.6.0 of WIN Career Readiness System code was released to production on Thursday, April 29, 2021. Highlights of the release include:

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements

  • Ability to default learner to My Assignments upon login (at the portal client level)

  • Added parent org to report results for reports with an organization level selector

  • Added a Return to Library button in Assignment Manager

  • Fixed – Permissions checkboxes should not appear when editing Admins

  • Fixed – CTE admins/teachers cannot edit learners who are enrolled in more than one of their classes

  • Fixed – Should not be able to save an unnamed assignment in Assignment Manager

  • Fixed – In reports, credential link for previous credential level should be disabled when new credential level is earned

  • Fixed – Essential Soft Skills Courseware objective tooltips not appearing

  • Now able to create/save new portal client with punctuation/special characters in the name

  • Default Assignment instructions to open to make it easier for learners to see

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Phone:  888-717-9461 Option 3

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