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Connecting Qualified Candidates with Employers for Career Success

Kingston, Tennessee (September 25, 2018) — A major initiative set forth by the governor in partnership with ARIZONA@WORK and the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) has made the Arizona Career Readiness Credential available to job seekers across the state.  This innovative tool prepares learners and job seekers for success by demonstrating their command of academic and employability skills that are relevant to every occupation, industry, and career pathway across the state.


Arizona’s employers have made it known that they have difficulty finding job candidates with the foundational academic, personal, and technical skills needed to be successful. This initiative was designed in direct response to those concerns. Existing research was coupled with input from hundreds of local employers who participated in industry summits and strategy labs to identify foundational academic skills and personal and interpersonal skills that form the framework of the Arizona Career Readiness Credential. WIN Learning will offer its Career Readiness Courseware and Employability Skills Courseware to prepare learners and job seekers for the proctored Arizona Career Readiness Credential which measures the academic and employability skills employers request.


By looking for applicants with an Arizona Career Readiness Credential, employers are able to connect to more qualified candidates who are well-prepared for career success.


As part of the initial launch, Arizona OEO is bringing on board employer partners to equip them with qualified candidates for the jobs and careers local workforce demands.


About WIN Learning

Since 1996, WIN’s integrated approach to career readiness has given more than 10 million learners worldwide the tools, confidence, and skills necessary to excel. Our e-learning solutions include academic and employability skills courseware, assessments, and credentials as an important foundation for creating a more effective and efficient system to prepare learners and job seekers for career and life success. For more information, visit or call 888-717-9461.