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WIN Learning Announces New Job Analysis Solution 

Identify the right skills for the job with Ready to Work and Essential Soft Skills Credentials   

Kingston, Tenn. – August 13, 2019WIN Learning, a leader in career-driven education models, announced today that it has launched an enhanced Job Analysis model to align employer job tasks to key indicators from its foundational academic and employability skills credentials — Ready to Work and Essential Soft Skills Credentials. The WIN Job Analysis process is a thorough and unbiased job analysis model that helps employers source the right candidates, set appropriate selection standards, and hire and advance the most suitable individual for the job.


“Our company is continually seeking to meet the needs of our partners and enhancing our efforts to offer the best-in-class experiences. Our job analysis approach is employer-driven and designed to determine, with confidence, the foundational academic skills and work habits for job tasks,” said Dr. Teresa Chasteen, CEO of WIN Learning.  “We want to equip employers with the right tools to help in their selection process.”


The WIN Job Analysis process draws from employer job descriptions, job related work elements, training resources, observation of the job being performed, and job specific information available from the U.S. Department of Labor, to prepare a list of job tasks.  The job analyst and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) determine which WIN Learning skill areas and skill levels are necessary to perform job tasks.  Once the skill areas and skill levels are set, the employer can use the WIN Learning assessments as part of their selection process.


“Today’s workforce must not only meet mathematical, reading, and comprehension skills, but must demonstrate soft skills as well,” said Michael O. Williams, Michelin, Work Force Development Coordinator. “The Ready to Work and Essential Soft Skills Assessments from WIN measure these skills that

matter most to employers like Michelin.”


The process measures the extent to which the WIN Learning Ready to Work Credential skill areas of Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information, are related to job tasks performed by employees in any job category and in any industry sector.  Additionally, when employers introduce the WIN Learning Essential Soft Skills assessment as part of the company’s selection and advancement process, the results reflect an employee’s understanding of five essential soft skill areas: Conflict Resolution, Cooperation with Others, Taking Responsibility for Learning, Problem Solving and Decision Making, and Observing Critically.


“With the Job Analysis, hiring managers can compare a candidate’s skills assessment to their unique workplace needs, offering insight to the job seeker’s readiness for that position,” said Grey Parks, Assistant Executive Director, South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce.


Employers receive a Job Analysis Report (JAR) for each analyzed job. The report includes a summary of job tasks, how the tasks relate to the WIN Learning skill areas and a determination by the SMEs of the WIN Learning skill level needed to perform the job as an entry level employee.   


 The WIN Job Analysis solution is now available for all current partners and state work ready initiatives where the Ready to Work and/or the Essential Soft Skills Credentials are being implemented. Contact WIN Learning for more information or visit




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