WIN Learning Career Readiness System Release Updates: July-August 2018

Let’s take a look at the WIN Career Readiness System user enhancements and featured release updates.

What's New

Reports v2.0

A Beta version of our new reporting module will offer greater flexibility and added filtering by product, date range, user type and demographic data points. Reports can now be run to incorporate a single solution or multiple product offerings available in a simple at-a-glance view with as little or as much detail as needed.

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Two New Reports Means Greater Flexibility and More Detail

As part of the Report v2.0 release, we have added these new dynamic reports:

Individual Learner Report

Allows users to see completion and progress across all products for individual learner. 

Learner Listing Report

Provides access to preview progress across a group or list in a single report. 

Career Readiness Courseware is now Ready to Work Courseware

WIN Career Readiness Courseware (CRC) is being rebranded as the WIN Ready to Work Courseware.  This new version features the same foundational career readiness skills curriculum, just with a new look and enhanced navigation. All learner activity has been saved and bookmarked, so when your learners log into the new WIN Ready to Work Courseware, they will pick up right where they left off in the original WIN CRC. This rebranding allows a direct connection to the Ready to Work Assessments and Credential powered by WIN. 

Data Migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

WIN Learning has moved all content and data components of the Career Readiness System to Amazon Web Services. This will allow WIN to continue to offer a best-in-class, reliable, and secure cloud connectivity solution for future growth and enhancements.

We will continue to incorporate feature enhancements in the coming months and will keep you posted.

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