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WIN Learning Partners with the State of Tennessee to Certify Students as Career Ready 

Kingston, Tennessee – 2/1/2023 – The Tennessee Department of Education has awarded WIN Learning, a national leading developer of career readiness solutions, the opportunity to collaborate with local school districts and public charter schools to certify that Tennessee students are career ready. Under the Tennessee Career Readiness Opportunity Program, 11th and 12th grade students can earn nationally recognized credentials in career readiness at no cost to support them in making more informed choices about potential career pathways.

WIN Learning’s Tennessee career readiness solution includes three qualifying assessments resulting in three stackable career readiness credentials validating the foundational soft skills, workplace employability skills, and basic digital literacy skills most in-demand by employers around the nation. These career-contextualized assessments are different than academic end-of-course exams, Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) tests, or college entrance exams. The WIN assessments go beyond concept knowledge and measure students' ability to apply the foundational workplace skills required across all occupations and industries.

The assessments benchmark workplace skills including:

  • Work Ready Essential Soft Skills – also commonly called professional skills, durable skills, power skills, or work habits – includes effective communication, professionalism, teamwork and collaboration, and thinking critically and solving problems in workplace settings.
  • Work Ready Employability Skills – Work Ready Math, Work Ready Reading, and Work Ready Data includes the foundational academic skills recommended in the workplace.
  • Work Ready Digital Literacy Skills – measures skills needed to navigate technology in the workplace including Computer Operations, Internet Browsing, Digital Communication, Digital Documents, and Digital Security.

All credentials correlate to the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET Content Model Framework, the nation’s leading source of occupational data, and is endorsed by the National Work Ready Council, a national nonprofit workforce development, training, and advocacy organization.


To learn more, contact:

Matthew Wagner

Tennessee Regional Account Manager


Update 9/7/2023 – The Tennessee Department of Education's contract with all vendors for career readiness assessments expired on June 30, 2023. A new application is being submitted by WIN Learning to be approved for the 2023-2024 school year.

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