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The WIN Job Analysis Process is an employer driven process designed to determine the WIN Learning Academic Skills subject areas (Work Ready Math, Work Ready Data, and Work Ready Reading) and corresponding skill levels required for entry into an analyzed job. Using the WIN Job Analysis process allows an employer to confidently use our Academic Skills Assessments as one additional tool in their applicant selection process.  It demonstrates with certainty the selected applicant can perform the job tasks that require math, reading, and data analysis skills. The WIN Job Analysis process engages subject matter experts, employees performing the job being analyzed, to establish what WIN Learning skill areas and skill levels are necessary for entry into the analyzed job.

During the WIN Job Analysis Process, the subject matter experts also determine what soft skills are required to gain and retain employment. This invaluable aspect of WIN’s Job Analysis model provides every employer with criteria that can help determine the soft skills the employer values and every employee wants to know their future co-workers bring to the workplace.  When employers embed the WIN Learning Soft Skills Assessment into the company’s selection process, they get applicants that have earned the WIN Learning Soft Skills Credential. This instrument measures four key essential soft skills: Communicating Effectively, Conveying Professionalism, Promoting Teamwork and Collaboration, and Thinking Critically and Solving Problems.

The WIN Job Analysis Process draws from employer job descriptions, job related work element sheets, training materials, observation of the job being performed, and job specific information available from the U.S. Department of Labor, to prepare a list of job tasks.  Each task is analyzed by the job analyst and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to determine what WIN Learning skill areas and skill levels are necessary to perform job tasks.  Once the skill areas and skill levels are set, the employer can use the WIN Learning assessments as part of their selection process.

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WIN Learning partners with organizations and employers to determine the nexus between employer job tasks and the WIN Learning Work Ready Ready Math, Work Ready Data, and Work Ready Reading assessments, as well as the soft skills required to get and retain employment.   

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Employer and SME Timeframe for Job Analysis

WIN’s Job Analysis Process is a comprehensive process that can help employers source the right candidates, set appropriate selection standards, and hire and advance the most suitable individual for the job. The process consists of a series of steps that lead to a summary report. The estimated timeframe for completion of a job analysis is outlined below.

1 hour

Employer Meeting and Overview      

1-2 hours

Direct observation of the job being analyzed and interview with an incumbent employee

4-5 hours

   Subject Matter Expert (SME) session                  

1 hour

Review of the Job Analysis Report with Employer