There are several user management functions available for facilitators and learners.  You can edit their information, change classes or programs, lookup or reset passwords or deactivate their account. To access these features, open the User Administration Menu and select List and Edit Users and search for the appropriate user.

When you find the desired user, mouse-over the tools icon to the right of the user’s name. This will generate a menu with the following options: EditChange ClassReset PasswordShow Password, and Deactivate (if the user's account has been deactivated, the last option will be Activate).

User Management

Edit Information

You may Edit the following information for a user: Name, Email address (this also changers the username), and, for learners only, their Grade Level.

Edit User

Change the Classes or Programs for Facilitators and Learners

You can change learner/facilitator class assignments by choosing Change Class. Selecting this function will produce a pop-up that shows which class(es) a learner or facilitator is assigned to and which classes they are eligible to be assigned to.  The learner/facilitator can also be assigned or withdrawn from a class or classes from this pop-up.

The pop-up is divided into two sections, Unenroll from selected classes and Enroll into selected classes. To enroll a user into a class, click the checkbox next to the name of the class(es) you wish to enroll them in the Enroll into selected classes section and click Save. To withdraw a user from a class, click the checkbox next to the name of the class(es)  in the Unenroll from selected classes section and click Save.

Change Class

Deactivate Users

To deactivate a User choose Deactivate from the options. When deactivated, users will no longer be able to access the system and their data will not be included in reports after the deactivation date. Their listing in the portal will be blue. If a user is deactivated you may reactivate them by choosing Reactivate.

Deactivate User