There are several options under Organization Administration to manage your facilitators and learners. First, you can create a new location (see Administrative Functions.) Once created, you can edit the information or batch enroll the learners (see Administrative Functions.)

After creating locations, you can add classes or learning venues to your locations, you can add or withdraw both facilitators and learners to those learning venues. Select the class or learning venue from the Organization Type menu.  A list of classes or learning venues will load.  Click the button beside the class name, selecting whether you want to Add Learners or Add Facilitators. Following that selection, a new screen will load showing you a roster of learners or facilitators that may be added.  Check the box beside the names of those you wish to add and then click on Add Selected Student(s) to Class. Learners and facilitators may also be withdrawn from classes or learning venues following a similar method.

Organization Administration Page

Add Learners or Facilitators to Class/Learning Venue

To add students to a class, choose Add Student. You will see a list of students.  Check the students you wish to add and choose Add Selected Student(s) to Class.  If assigning a teacher or facilitator to a class or learning venue, select Add Teacher.  The process continues in an identical manner to that described for adding students.

You will first be taken to a screen showing you a current class roster listing both assigned students and teachers.  From this screen, you may choose to withdraw or add students.  To add student(s), click on the Add Student(s) tab.  You will be directed to a list of students that are eligible to be added.

On this screen, check the box beside those names you wish to add.  Then click on the tab to Add Selected Student(s) to Class.

Your classes will populate with the students you have selected and you will be returned to the screen that allows you to view your updated class roster.

Withdraw Learners or Facilitators to Class/Learning Venue:

You can also withdraw learners or facilitators from classes by choosing Add Students and then Withdraw.  Students on the page that displays your class roster.  First check the box beside those names you want to remove.  Then click on Withdraw Student(s).  An updated class roster will then be provided.

When withdrawing teachers from a class, you will begin from the class menu where you select the Add Teacher function.  That will display the Class Assignment listing, with the options now labeled for Withdrawing or Adding Teachers.  The withdrawal process as described for students remains the same when working with teachers or facilitators.