To set the Placement Test or Course levels for a learner choose Set Placement and Course Levels from the User Administration Menu.

There are two columns on the Set student starting levels in placement test or course level page. The left column contains a list of classes over which you have administration privileges. Please note that this list will vary based on the user’s level of permissions. A teacher or facilitator will see only the classes they are assigned to, a school or site administrator will see all of the classes at their particular venue, and a district administrator or above will see all of the schools or sites in their district.

District Administrator Screen

Facilitator Screen

To set the placement test or course levels of a learner or group of learners click the name of the class the student is assigned to (District administrators should click the name of the school and then click the name of the class the student is assigned to). This will populate the right column with the names of all of the students in the class.

Setting Placement Test Levels

To set a learner’s placement test level, click the check box next to the learner’s name. You may select more than one learner or you may check the box Select all or particular student(s) in the list at the top of the column to select everyone in the class, once the learners are selected click the Set student level button at the bottom of the page.

Note: Learners with an “*” next to their name already have a placement test score in one or more modules and are ineligible to have those placement test levels set.

Learner Selection Screen

When the Set Placement Level pop-up appears insure that Placement Test Levels is selected and click the button for the desired level next to the desired module. You may set the level for any or all modules. When you have selected the desired levels, click Save.

Set Placement Test Levels

After setting the Placement Levels you will be returned to the class screen. The learners the placement tests have been set for will now have a number indicating the level the placement test is set to in the appropriate columns and an inverted teardrop shape next to the number indicating that the placement test level is set for this level.

Set Course Level

To set a learner’s starting level in the courseware, select the learner(s) you wish to set the course level for and click the Set student level button. On the pop-up select Courseware Levels, select the appropriate beginning level for the desired modules and click Save. You will be returned to the previous screen and the learners who have had their course levels set will have a number indicating the level they will begin the courseware at in the appropriate column.

Note: Setting the courseware level for a learner disables the placement test.

Course Level Selection