A list of all locations and classes can be seen by choosing Organization Administration after entering the Admin button from the top of the dashboard screen.  Select the organization type to display.  You can search for a specific location or class/program by using the Search Panel.  To view all listings within the organization type you have selected, click on Show All.

Display of Locations

Display of Classes

New locations and new classes/programs can be added by choosing Create. When a location is created, the name of the location and its association to the account are required.  All other fields are optional. When creating a class or learning venue, the name, account associations (for example, school and district), and end date are required. All other fields are optional. The start date defaults to the current date. The end date should be entered to reflect when the class/program ends.  All class names must be unique.  Your Professional Services Consultant will work with you to recommend appropriate naming conventions.

Add a Site or Location

School Successfully Added

Add a Class