All users will log into the portal at using an email address and password. When an administrator, facilitator or learner is enrolled into the system, they will be given a temporary password. The first time they log in they will be prompted to change their password. Passwords are between 6 and 16 letters/numbers, must contain one capital letter and one number, and may include special characters. After the users change their password, they use the new password to log into the system. To log out of the system, choose Log Out in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Note: Custom accounts may have locally established log in criteria and may not be issued temporary passwords. A WIN Learning Professional Services consultant can assist you with questions regarding alternate login criteria.

IMPORTANT: It is vital that all learners log out using the log out icon so that their progress in each program will be recorded in the portal. Portal data is refreshed frequently during a learner’s session; however, if a learner uses the “x” in the top right and loses internet connectivity, data following the most recent refresh will be lost.

Home or Login Page

Change Password Page for Administrators/Facilitators/Learners

Notice that when changing the password (whether upon initial entry or as an update) the screens presented to all users are similar in that all users are asked to provide and confirm a new password. Passwords must be between 6 and 16 characters and must contain at least one capital letter and one number. Special characters may be included.  If the password change cannot be confirmed, an error notice will appear. Users must additionally agree to the licensing Terms and Conditions before they can change their password. They may also choose to Receive automated emails from WIN Learning. To submit the Change Password request, click on the Save button. You will receive confirmation that the password has been changed and may continue working in the program without logging out and entering again.