You can access Reports from two points, one on the top of the dashboard screen and one in the dashboard.  If entering reports from the dashboard icon, you go directly into the Activity Report.  If selecting the drop down menu from the top tab, you may select to open Activity ReportsEbadge Reports or Certificate Reports. All reports are course specific. Depending on your login role, reports can be generated according to site, class, facilitator and individual learner.  You can generate a report according to start and end dates or with no parameters set, the report will show data for all time on the system.  Reports can be downloaded as a PDF or a CSV file that can be manipulated.

Report Choices

Activity Reports

For account level administrators, report options are first listed according to site or location, with the capability of drilling further down into classes and individual learners. For facilitators, report options begin with choosing the name of the class or learning venue and viewing a list of all associated learners. Choose a specific learner and you will get an individual report for that learner.  Choose a different course title to generate a new report.

Site or Location Report

Note that at the location level, the report options allow you to choose further options of viewing reports by teacher, class or student selection. 

Teacher Report

By selecting a report generated at the Teacher Level, you will see information related to class activity in all the classes to which the teacher is assigned.

Class Report

The class report displays a listing of students enrolled in the class and the summary activity associated with each.

Individual Learner Report

The individual performance report provides a detailed listing of all scored activity. It is at this level of reporting where test reset is allowed. If the learner has taken a CRC Placement test or a Pre-test in either CRC+ or Soft Skills and has not entered the coursework, a facilitator can reset the tests for the learner. Once the course module has been entered, the reset option is no longer available to the learner.

Note:  Posttest retakes are allowed in all courses and are discussed in the individual Courses guides.