WIN ATLAS is an engaging career planning and exploration mobile app that puts college and career readiness in the hands of every learner. My Interests and My Priorities help learners explore career pathways aligned with their interests and goals. WIN ATLAS can be accessed from any iOS or Android mobile device so your learners can start building their individual learning plans with goals and next steps to success. 


  • Explore Careers – Recommendations, Random Job Finder, Job Guidance
  • My Interests – Series of questions about activities learners like or dislike
  • My Priorities – Identifies what learners find most important in a job
  • My Summary – Outlines all the information the learner completed in the application, can be emailed or shared
  • Next Steps – Allows the learner to create and arrange tasks
  • My Goals – Helps the learner to focus on their short and long term goals
  • Favorites – Shows all occupations learners saved and allows them to add multiple occupations
  • WIN Atlas is a stand-alone mobile application completely autonomous to myStrategic Compass


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