Proctored Assessment Learner Experience

Below is an example of what a learner will see when first logging into the WIN Career Readiness System.  To begin the proctored assessments, the learner will need to click on the Ready to Work module.

A. The learner can view assessment tutorials at the bottom left side of the screen at any time. 
B. Once a proctor has assigned any or all of the three assessments, the link(s) will become active on the right side of the screen. In this example the learner, Kendra, has access to take all three of the Ready to Work assessments and may do so in any order.

C. After clicking the test link, the learner is instructed to click the Start button to begin the assessment, as shown below.

D. Calculator can be accessed by clicking the Calculator button once assessment has begun. 
E. Assessment item number as well as the timer is displayed.

The example below shows the learner, Kendra Cooley, working on item 4 of the Applied Mathematics Assessment.

On the Applied Mathematics assessment, a formula sheet can be accessed by clicking the Show Formula Sheet button at the top right.  The Show Formula Sheet will display formulas and units of measurement on right side of screen for easy reference.  To hide the formula sheet, click Close Formula Sheet.

If an assessment item is left unanswered, the learner is alerted with an ‘Item not complete’ message in a pop-up window.

Upon clicking Submit, the Learner receives a message that the assessment was successfully completed. Clicking Finish will take the learner back to the assessment screen.