Managing the Assessment Assignment Grid

A specific class can be found by typing the first few letters of the title in the search field. By clicking the name of a class, a list of all learners in the class will be displayed.

In the example, the class being selected is First Period.
A. ‘Add all’ places all learners from the class into the Assessment Assignments grid. 
B. Individual learners can be added by clicking the ‘+’ next to the learner’s name.
C. Individual learners can be removed from the grid by clicking the ‘x’ next to the learner’s name. 
D. To remove all learners from the grid at once, click the ‘x’ at the top of the Name column. 
E. Multiple classes of learners can be added to the Assessment Assignments grid. Return to the full list of classes by clicking the name of the site location or search by class name. In the example below, the site location is named A123School.

F. Scores for any assessments already taken will be displayed next to the learner’s name. 

G. A checkmark in the cell for an assessment means that assessment has already been assigned to the learner and there is no need to reassign.

In the example screenshot, there are many things to note:

  • 7 learners are listed in the Assessment Assignments Grid from the class First Period
  • 2 learners from the class First Period were removed from the Assessment Assignments Grid as shown by the bolded names in the left dropdown menu
  • 2 learners have previously taken assessments and their latest scores are shown
  • 1 learner has recently had the Locating Information assessment assigned to them shown by the checkmark in that cell