Assigning Assessments

A. Assign specific assessments by checking the box in the assessment column of the grid. To assign an assessment to an individual learner, click the check box within the grid for the learner. Learners may have multiple assessments assigned to them at once.

B. To assign the same assessment to all learners, click the check box for that assessment in the top row of the grid. The column of learners will be highlighted and will have checkmarks displayed. 
C. To save actions (assign or unassign), click Apply Changes. Confirm save by clicking yes in pop-up.
D. To undo any actions prior to clicking Apply Changes, such as clearing the grid of checkmarks, click Undo Changes.
E. Refresh will update grid with assessment scores.

  • 1 learner has already taken the Applied Math assessment and has been unselected so they will not retake the assessment at this time 
  • All learners in the grid have been assigned the Locating Information assessment but because one learner has already been granted access, it is not reassigned
  • All learners in the grid have been assigned the Reading for Information assessment