myStrategic Compass

myStrategic Compass (mySC) offers a personalized career exploration and planning tool for each learner based on skill, work experience, and career interest.  mySC provides a framework for the education and path to success.

Who can benefit?


myStrategic Compass is designed for learners and parents to help identify the careers that best suit the learners’ interests, skills, values, and goals. 

The interactive career planning program lets learners enter their individual preferences to find matching careers aligned to their interest, skill and work experience. 

Then it provides important information about those careers such as the education and skill levels required, and economic and labor forecasts. This helps learners understand the academic pathways required to get them to their career choice and understand the demand for the career in their region.

By giving learners pertinent real-world information, it keeps them engaged and motivated through graduation and beyond.


What's included?

myStrategic Compass includes a personalized electronic counseling tool with career interest profiles that electronically examine what is important to a participant in a career. By comparing these interests against various occupations, myStrategic Compass creates a list of occupations reflecting these personal values, which, upon exploration, identify the level of mastery of foundational academic and employability skills required for desired opportunities.  

With this powerful resource, teachers and counselors can work together to personalize and plan for each learner’s career interest aligned to real opportunities and economic data. Learners can also utilize dynamic tools to budget their life using real-time market data based on career interest and salary by region and local cost of living under the Reality Check section.


Reality Check Introduction