It's simple to get started. Once you have contacted a WIN Learning Job Analysts, they will work with your organization to begin the job analysis process. The analysts will schedule time to meet and observe the work environment, conduct a series of reviews, and survey subject matter experts to determine the best summary. WIN Learning partners with organizations and employers to determine the nexus between employer job tasks and the WIN Learning Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information assessments, as well as the Essential Soft Skills required to get and retain employment.  

Step 1: Identify Job Titles to have Analyzed

The WIN Job Analysis model requires a structured process to gather and collect specific job title reviews. Before we can initiate the job analysis review, there are a few prerequisites and set up procedures that need to be in place. To initiate the Job Analysis process, an initial company background and organization information gathering is requested. 

Step 2: Meet with Job Analyst to Determine Scope

A job analyst meets with your organization to develop a scope of work. A company profile is important to the job analysis process. Obtaining size of the organization, number of employees, diversity, and demographic detail is collected. Initial reviews for foundational skills and essential soft skills are created. Once the WIN Job Analysis is complete a summary report is provided to the employer with recommendations. 

Step 3: Schedule Review with SMEs & Initiate

Prior to conducting the WIN Job Analysis, a select number of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are requested to participate. To assist in the WIN Job Analysis process, a battery of surveys and questionnaires will  be required to complete. This will help provide a valid review and accurate determination of skill level recommendation to job title practices. 

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