Ebadges are earned as the learner advances through the WIN Career Readiness Course.  They indicate instructional progress, not instructional mastery or completion. The ebadges will be automatically displayed on the learner dashboard when earned. They are an icon, not a document; therefore, ebadges are not designed to be downloaded or printed.  

The type and number of ebadges will be different for each WIN Career Readiness course module and are based on the number of levels within each skill area.When learners advance through a level on the placement test OR score 80% or higher on the level posttest, one ebadge will be earned per level in Applied Math, Reading for Information and Locating Information. There are 20 potential ebadges in this course.  Ebadges are not offered for the supplemental skills.

Learner Dashboard with Ebadges

Certificates will indicate mastery or completion of instructional content, not just instructional progress like the ebadges.  Certificates will be earned as the learner reaches instructional benchmarks. These certificates can be downloaded and printed, saved and emailed. Learners can access their certificates by choosing CERTIFICATES on the top of the dashboard.  

As certificates are earned, the certificate icon will display a printer symbol.  By clicking on the printer symbol, the certificates can be downloaded for printing, saving or emailing.When a learner scores 80% or higher on the placement test or posttest at specific levels in all three core modules of Applied Math, Locating Information, and Reading for Information, a certificate is earned. There are 4 potential certificates in this course.

Certificates Page