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The Dollar Bill Decoders

Have you ever wondered where your dollar bill was printed or what all those numbers on the bill mean? Ethan and Jackson never gave it a thought. Until one day, a package came in the mail for them. A questionnaire or package from their 'Papa' with two crisp dollar bills and instructions for completing the hunt. Grandpa Mike had created an engaging activity for his grandkids to stay active and have fun learning during their time at home.

View the video to see what they learned from their dollar bill decoding adventure!

Ethan and Jackson had a lot of fun learning about the dollar bill. So much so, Grandpa Mike wanted to share this fun activity with other educators, parents, and families as a fun way to learn and apply reading and math skills. This is a fun way to surprise and engage your children. Here are a few steps you may want to begin with to share with your students or children.

1. Print out the two documents (PDFs below) and insert them into an envelope with a dollar bill.

2. Write a note that explains what they are to do and include a dollar bill for each child.

3. Have students use the second page to research and find key information that matches their dollar bill.

4. Complete the questions and give to your parent or adult to review. You may want to give a small prize for completing.

5. Set up a virtual call or FaceTime the person who sent the package to share in the fun.

Download and print each of the documents to mail or deliver to your children. You may want to customize or personalize for your learners.

Click on each document to print or preview.

Include a $1 dollar bill and create your own note or prize for decoding their own bill. Enjoy!

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Guest Blog Post by Kathy Fletcher

Kathy Fletcher is an employee at WIN Learning. In her role, she serves as an Implementation Consultant providing professional development on career readiness support to districts and workforce partners across the country. Jackson and Ethan are her amazing grandchildren in the video that shared their experience. Papa Mike is their grandfather who created this fun activity that he wanted to share with all of you.