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Strategic Planning and Policy

Linking Education, Workforce and the Economy for a better tomorrow, today.

The increasing economic demand for specialization and skilled labor is requiring an even greater degree of relevance in the classroom than ever before.

Big data is now painting the picture of micro- trends in their macro- settings, with more accurate detail than ever and in real-time.

With Strategic Compass, educators, economic developers and workforce practitioners can align education and workforce policies, plans and programs, including career pathways and related instruction, to meet the current and projected workforce demands.

The Strategic Compass

Our system provides real-time labor market information for key industries, including wages, job demand, employer need and employer gaps. It offers a thorough look at specific career paths and occupations, including their educational and skill requirements. And it calculates the supply and demand for that career. All customized for your state and district.

What we do?

This comprehensive, easy-to-access data gives advocates and policymakers the solid information they need to direct budgets and initiatives. It gives educators the foundation to make meaningful curriculum change. And it gives guidance counselors unparalleled insight and perspective.

Our personalized, in-depth reports give guidance counselors the ability to direct students on a viable, clear path; demonstrate educational and skill needs; and show future job projections. This enables students to make the pivotal connection between their education and their ability to work and earn a living.

See the big picture

Our intelligent dashboards provide exactly the perspective you need to wrap your mind around the different facets of your data and illuminate any obscured answers.

Create Your Custom Portal

Designed for students and parents, our custom portals help clarify the careers that best suit the students’ interests, skills, values and goals. Then they provide pertinent information, such as the education and skill levels required, as well as the economic and labor forecasts for those careers.

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