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Go Build Alabama

8,600 logins, 37,000 programs promoted, 950,000 occupations views

Today, nearly one-third of all construction craftsmen are over the age of 50—and the average age is increasing every year. Something must be done to attract younger people to the construction trades. Alabama, and the nation as a whole, will otherwise face severe problems in any effort to build and maintain our infrastructure.

The Alabama AFL-CIO, the Associated Builders and Contractors of Alabama, Alabama Associated General Contractors, Inc., the American Subcontractors Association, the Alabama Construction Trade Unions, the Alabama College System, the Alabama Road Builders Association, the Alabama Construction Users Roundtable, the Alabama Department of Education and business owners have formed a alliance with WIN to address the problem.

Kentucky i3 Grant

33 service agencies, 112 schools, and over 42,000 students

“We are poised and ready to meet the future where it matters most, in the classrooms where our students are preparing for their life after high school.

And with WIN Learning’s personalized career readiness system in place, we can now offer our students a way to see the connection between what’s happening in the classrooms and in their impending futures.

We feel confident that when they can see the relevance between the two, we will see greater commitment to classroom activities, increased motivation to stay in school, and true readiness for success following graduation.”

Dessie Bowling, Ed.D Program Partner, Associate Director of KVEC

Florida Ready to Work

33 service agencies, 112 schools, and over 42,000 students

Whether it's college, trade school, military or the workplace, WIN provides students with the tools to be career and college ready.

  • Last year, 2.6 million customers were served by Florida's One-Stop Career Center System.
  • Nearly 750,000 participants completed an entire course, with 99% of those completing all 3 major courses.
  • 160,000+ hours (9.7 million minutes) of voluntary online training logged by the users.

Why WIN?

3.2 million jobs in the U.S. remain unfilled because of lack of skilled workers. 40% of businesses have positions open for 6 months or longer, because they can't find suitable applicants.

Relevance, our common goal

To be competitive in the global market, America must have a skilled, well-educated workforce. This simple fact is a common goal for policymakers, educators and businesses across the country.

Yet, too often, the educational process does not consider employers' needs–an irony not lost on us at WIN. We strongly believe that if education is to secure and improve students' prospects for the future, it must relate to the real world.

The Educonomy

To ensure that it does, we've created an Educonomy–A system where data drives insight, enabling government agencies, local and national employers and educators to collaborate and deliberate on informed policy decisions. And share information that can be used to motivate and direct students.

Connecting the dots

Through this perspective shift, we no longer just see a student, we see a lifetime of opportunities and successes. And we give them the information, education, training and skills necessary to succeed in their career pathway.

It's education as seen through the real world. And it makes a real difference.

Inspect what you expect

At WIN, we make it our business to stay up-to-date on the latest research and implementations. We continually enhance our materials to ensure our courseware and its ecosystem is as efficient and effective as possible.

We work in partnership with educators, universities, business and industry along with leading organizations on the topic of college and career initiatives. Collectively, we are bringing about the latest educational research.

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