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A Commitment to Service Excellence

As a long standing industry leader in the design of career-infused educational courseware, WIN Learning remains committed to creating successful partnerships in order to further the common goal of preparing students for college and career readiness. By combining high-quality educational resources with extensive consulting experience, WIN Professional Services brings years of consulting and teaching together with real-world expertise to provide exemplary services and support

A Partnership for Proven Success

The WIN Implementation Model encompasses the “events” outlined in the implementation cycle, and provides a roadmap in the development and execution of an implementation plan designed to ensure the successful integration of our award-winning tools.

Based on current research, a successful implementation requires careful planning, comprehensive professional development, effective in-classroom coaching support, and frequent progress monitoring, WIN Professional Services begins when a customer’s program goals are clearly defined and continues throughout each phase of planning, instruction, support, and evaluation. This cyclical, blended learning approach ensures the consistent and effective use of all WIN tools and delivery of services that positively impact teaching and learning in a career and college readiness environment.

Implementation Cycle


  • Identify key stakeholders and project coordinators
  • Set expectations and outcomes for implementation
  • Review WIN solutions and service offerings
  • Establish short and long-term program/instructional goals
  • Review progress monitoring and data reporting tools
  • Review technical specifications and setup protocols


  • Introduce and demonstrate the WIN tools
  • Provide hands-on time to explore tools
  • Describe the teacher/learner experience
  • Review progress monitoring tools
  • Plan your lessons


  • Share proven instructional models for success
  • Review effective instructional techniques and strategies
  • Model strategies in the lab or classroom
  • Review data to determine class and student progress
  • Offer additional training support (live webinars)


  • Collect and analyze district/school level data
  • Compile and present implementation fidelity report
  • Determine next steps for implementation based on data presented

WIN University

WIN Learning is dedicated to providing the most relevant tools to enhance your implementation with easy-to-use and immediate access resources. WIN University is a comprehensive library that contains a wealth of resources and materials that can be accessed and downloaded by administrators and facilitators at any time. These resources are excellent tools for implementation planning, group instruction, professional development and taking the first steps in building a community of career ready learners. In addition, the University offers a wealth of research documents, editorials, and white papers.

Exemplary Services and Support

Based on current research, a successful implementation requires careful planning, comprehensive professional development, effective in-classroom coaching support, and frequent progress monitoring.

Contact WIN Learning Professional Services group to enhance your implementation with face-to-face, virtual or a blended model of support.

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