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I mean, do you want to teach a math class, or do you want to teach kids math?

Barry Crist, Principal Fayette Institute of Technology

A Partnership for Proven Success

The WIN Personalized Career Readiness System is supported by a professional development model that begins with district and school leaders working in partnership with teachers, practitioners and community members to gather and define clear objectives and measures for success.

WIN Professional Services constants ensure that students have adequate preparation in three major skill areas—core academic skills, employability skills, and job-specific skills. Mastering these skills will allow students to develop unique college and career paths with a seamless transition to an entry-level position in the workforce, a training program, or to a two- or four-year college.


Collection of regional data to plan and implement a sustainable career readiness program

Establish program goals and clear objectives for the upcoming school year, timeframe to perform batch enrollments, technical audits, and setup of the management system


Education training and program application with teachers to implement career based resources

Conduct on-site professional development sessions for district principals and teachers


Conduct classroom coaching visits, virtual training sessions, and monthly webinars to support teachers and achieve implementation fidelity

Meet monthly with county/district stakeholders to share updates and determine next steps based on the data presented


Frequent progress monitoring and program evaluation

Meet with county/district stakeholders to present the Mid-Year Implementation Summary Report and share district/school data results

The Resource Center

WIN Learning is dedicated to providing the most pivotal tools to enhancing your classroom in an easily-accessible, user friendly format. The Resource Center will include an online library of training videos, additional professional development tips and direction, troubleshooting forums, and interactive help desk communications for around the clock support. This is a client exclusive opportunity to help guarantee successful implementation.

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2012 WIN + CALSA Partnership Grant Continues to Redefine Readiness

And the 2nd Annual, 2012 WIN+CALSA Scholarship goes to... Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD)! WIN is providing $50,000 for implementation resources and professional development focused on bringing an even higher level of relevance to the classroom. Similar to last year's winners, Pomona Unified School District, SUHSD is an exemplary model, with exceptional administrators, educators, and learners. Everyone anticipates another fruitful year resulting from this partnership: helping students discover their true potential and envision realistic career pathways which harness and utilize it.

A Light on a Hill – WV Update

“Look out below!” echoes as the newest shower of welding sparks cascades to the floor.  I glance up, but I can’t determine the source of either. Barry doesn’t miss a beat, as he continues to shout over the sound of air compressors, “I always say, you can teach a math class, or you can teach [...]