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Career Driven Intervention: An Education Model for Today

Career Driven Intervention: An Education Model for Today

Two opposing trends are facing us today: First, unemployment levels average roughly 9% nationwide. And, second, there are millions of unfilled jobs. The reality is, we as educators are not preparing students for the workforce—either right from high school or after post-secondary education and training. Our youth are graduating high schools and colleges without the skills they need to succeed in, or even to secure, jobs.

To respond to these challenges, WIN developed its career driven intervention model—a series of aligned eLearning tools that look at the realities of the workplace in the context of learning. With this model, educators can:

1. Gather real-time labor market information that characterizes the realities of the workforce and identifies educational needs.
2. Identify required education and training to better inform students of potential career pathways.
3. Prepare students for jobs in demand now and for tomorrow.
4. Build skill mastery around those foundational, behavioral, and attitudinal skills employers demand.

In other words, we can redefine Career and Technical Education so that students understand education’s direct bearing on future careers, remain engaged in school, and prepare for what lies beyond high school for them


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